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Connect good health
with sense of self

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What is Santé?

Specialising in cellular stimulation through considered consultations, personalised treatments and a curated range of home-care rituals and products, Santé provides space for people to stimulate their senses. A place to explore the mind-body connection and find ways to feel energised, grounded and truly alive. 



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Meet Simone

Simone Moyle is no stranger to the importance of mind-body connection. When living abroad, she suffered an injury that turned what was meant to be an adventure into a dark time in her life. She quickly realised the immediate and important connection between good health and sense of self.

This experience, combined with her prior studies in psychology, speech pathology, neuroanatomy and physiology opened her world up to the wisdom of the body and its sensations. Inspired and intrigued by the human mind and its relationship to the body, Simone is a lifetime student committed to research, learning and exploration around optimal health and connection to self.

Continually lead back to lymphatic stimulation she became fascinated by its innate ability to provide immediate positive outcomes. Santé is the amalgamation of Simone’s experiences and knowledge.