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Cellular stimulation.
Mind-body connection.

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Santé offer cellular stimulation through considered consultations and a curated range of home-care rituals and products.  Performed using the Cellu M6 Alliance manufactured in France by LPG Systems, our signature Endermologie treatments are designed to leave you feeling energised, grounded and truly alive.


Stimulating body treatment (45 minutes)


Relaxing, grounding and invigorating this treatment stimulates lymphatic circulation, boosts blood flow, assists detoxification and reduces inflammation. Working on the connective tissue, the treatment improves skin firmness and tone, reduces cellulite, sculpts the body, and boosts metabolism.

Great for poor circulation, fluid retention and puffiness, releasing stagnation, relaxation and supporting the body’s natural healing processes.

$150 per single session

Also available in packs — 5: $675 | 10: $1275 | 20: $2400


Radiance face treatment (35 minutes)


Treating the face only, this treatment activates the skin’s own natural production of collagen for improved firmness, hyaluronic acid for plumpness and hydration, and elastin for greater suppleness. Focusing on cellular regeneration to reveal the skin’s own inner radiance, the treatment effectively lifts and tightens the skin, softens and reduces wrinkles, and improves definition of the features.

Great for stimulating circulation, reducing puffiness and inflammation, and improving skin tone and texture.

$95 per single session

Also available in packs — 5: $430 | 10: $810 | 20: $1525


Deluxe Face and Body Treatment (75 minutes) 


The whole package, this treatment works on both the face and body for complete rejuvenation, cellular stimulation and relaxation. Activating lymphatic and blood circulation and restructuring connective tissue, the treatment facilitates elimination of excess fluid, assists detoxification, sculpts the physical features, and improves skin tone and texture.

Great for supporting healing and relaxation, you will leave feeling grounded, energised and appreciative of yourself and your body.

$240 per single session

Also available in packs — 5: $1100 | 10: $2040 | 20: $3840




Initial treatments begin with a complementary Customisation Session (15 minutes) to discuss intentions and goals. All treatments include your own Endermowear body stocking and/or face kit.